Where we never
meet a stranger...

Where We Never Meet A Stranger

Alabama Schools will close at end of day Wednesday.
All after-school activities are cancelled.

Lexington School will be collecting food to be distributed Wednesday afternoon.  Donations may be taken to school or may be taken to the Fellowship at the Methodist Church by 4 p.m. Tuesday.  The list of items below are recommended:
Cereal                  Pop Tarts              Apples
Capri Suns             Juice Boxes           Water
Pudding Cups           Fruit Cups            Goldfish
Cheese Crackers     Canned Soups         Bread
Canned Vegetables     Ramen Noodles       Beans
Crackers               Tuna/Cans or packet
Granola Bars           Cereal Bars          Oatmeal
Mac/Cheese            Boxed Meals          

Temporary job opportunities.
2020 census
$17 per hour

Mike Underwood was sworn in by Sandra Burroughs to complete the term of Ronnie Mitchell.

Town Council Meetings
The Lexington Town Council meets the first Monday of each month at
6 pm.  The work session begins at 6.  The meeting begins at the conclusion of the work session.  Public comments may be made at the end of each meeting.  The community is encouraged to attend

Council Meeting:  April 6 at 6 pm
Good Friday:  April 10 (Closed)
Confederate Memorial Day:  April 27 (Closed)

Community Announcements 

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