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Town of Lexington,
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If you haven't tried it, go by and help support our new business in town
 Lexington Pizza and More
They make great pizza, subs, salads, calzones, etc.,  and rent movies too.
Its located where Old Smokey Boys use to be.

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Everyone have a fun and safe Halloween and Thanksgiving!

Our Town Coucil for the 2013-2016 term
Mayor-   Tim Collier
#1 Council Member-   Peggy McGee
#2 Council Member-   Tony Eubank.
#3 Council Member-   Wayne Killen
#4 Council Member-   Tony Torres
#5 Council Member-  Tommy Stephens


Lexington, Alabama is located in Lauderdale County, about ten minutes from the Tennessee state line. We are a close knit community with an 'everybody knows everybody' charm. We take great pride in our community, our church (which ever denomination that may be), and our school. Friday nights are ballgame nights and Sunday afternoon's mean lunch after church. We support all our local fundraiser and events whether they are put on by the town or our youth. We are proud to have Lexington School, which is among the top schools in the state that gives our children a bright future. Lexington offers an opportunity for a safe and quiet life that is still close enough to the cities to allow an escape.

Though we are small, we are still growing and welcome new business with open arms. Highways 101 and 64 cross in the center of town which brings new customers our way everyday. We have an open market for restaurants, home decor shops, or whatever your dream may be. The Town of Lexington has always worked closely with our local businesses to ensure the success of the business. We value your support and we give it as well. If you have a dream to own your own business, Lexington is the perfect place to start.

There is always something to do in Lexington. Our Community Events Committee is always planning events to help our town and bring the community together. They plan our week long Founder's Day celebration along with our Praise in the Park and other events. They have even been known to bring the circus to town. Even when we're not planning an event, there are always our two city parks (which now have new playground equipment), Lexington Pool, and our tennis courts. There is also a walking trail behind the Town Hall that weaves through the park under the trees and is a quiet, shady place to take a nice walk alone or with company. Our parks are also available for parties and other gatherings. To reserve one of the parks for your event, call (256) 229-5221.

Our gazebo is a great place for parties and weddings! Call Town Hall to reserve it.

Please explore our website to learn more about our town. We hope you'll find the answers to all your questions or find that you would like to pass through and visit us. Thank you for visiting our site!

In Lexington, we take great pride in our merchants and what they have to offer our community. It is because of them and the patronage of our citizens that the Town of Lexington is able to provide community services such as law enforcement, public sanitation, a fire department, and water works. All this is only possible through the revenue of our local businesses. That is why we like to remind the people of Lexington to...

Shop Local!

for all your daily needs. Gas, groceries, home decor, auto repair. Lexington has much to offer.

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